The GSW Business Tunnel

Tunnel_boxProviding a Secure Path through an Untrusted Network


The GSW Business Tunnel is a versatile and secure connectivity tool that allows you and your coworkers secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or impossible due to firewall configurations.

With the GSW Business Tunnel, secure tunnels are built over a network between the Business Tunnel Software and an SSH Server. Each tunnel may contain one or more channels where encrypted traffic is encapsulated and is sent through an encrypted channel providing the security you need to confidently connect over a wifi network.

Provide SSH protected access to popular network services like SMTP, POP, RDP, HTTP, MySSQL, SQL Server etc. over and untrusted network.

From branch offices, airports, hotels, home, or any remote location securely:

Browse the corporate intranet, browse the internet, remote desktop and manage a server, check and send email, maintain your database etc.

Features include:

  • SSH v2 – The highly recognized security standard used by millions for secure server administration and secure file transfer. SSH provides strong authentication, secure access, data integrity, and some of the best encryptions available.
  • Persistent connections – in the event of dropped connections, the GSW Business Tunnel automatically reconnects
    tunnels and channels. often transparent to the user
  • Almost unlimited port forwarding and proxy options
  • GSW Business Tunnel Management GUI – easy configuration without any command lines
  • Create tunnels to one or more hosts – limits access to only services required rather than providing access to everything
  • Runtime activity reporting – know which tunnels and channels are used and by whom


For more information, visit our GSW Business Tunnel website.