Interview with ZETES CZ – “Using the Georgia SoftWorks UTS”

Telč-Czech-RepublicZETES Solutions CZ – Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS) is an international corporation specializing in the provision of identification and mobility solutions for goods and people. By using the latest technologies, Zetes enables its customers improve the speed and quality of their process execution and increase data accuracy, which in turn helps them to remain at the forefront of their industries. Founded in 1984, headquartered in Brussels with more than 1,100 experts in 30+ offices across 20 countries in the EMEA region.


In August 2015, ZETES Solutions CZ became an Authorized Reseller of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows.


GSW: In what industries are you using GSW software?

ZETES CZ: Warehouse and manufacturing operations, especially with a SAP Console.

GSW: How does GSW fit into the solutions you provide?

ZETES CZ: GSW is understood by our customers as the leading producer of terminal emulation package with emphasized quality and security

GSW: Why did you pick GSW to use in your solutions?

ZETES CZ: Zetes provides its customers with complete set of solutions for the Collaborative Supply Chain that is, for some operations, combined) with terminal emulation of the 3rd party application (SAP, etc.)


GSW: Is there any particular feature of GSW software that stands out?

ZETES CZ: The Georgia SoftWorks software is excellent tool to connect RF Terminals to ERP systems. One of the key reasons why our customers appreciate GSW is the strong connection reliability.

GSW: What is the typical topology of an installation. For example, are you using mobile devices? If so what kind? Is the server that houses GSW software on site, different location, cloud?

ZETES CZ: TE Server at HQ (Local server managed by customer’s IT department) with connections from individual locations (plants, DC, shops etc.). We use GSW mostly with industrial hand held RF Terminals –  different models from leading manufacturers, primarily Intermec (by Honeywell) and Motorola (by Zebra).

GSW:   Is there anything you would like to highlight or say about GSW software or services?

ZETES CZ: Zetes is cooperating with industry leading manufacturers that bring the best value for our customers. GSW is not an exception.

GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows
GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows



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