Georgia SoftWorks Announces SSH Server for Windows Feature Release

Georgia SoftWorks (GSW) releases the latest version of their GSW SSH Server for Windows. Version 8.06.0001 is now available for shipping and distribution.

Georgia SoftWorks announces the release of their UTS (Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows) Version 8.06.0001. The GSW SSH Server for Windows provides secure remote access to a Windows host including Secure Remote Logon, Secure Data Exchange and Secure access to an application on an insecure network. The GSW UTS Release accompanies the GSW Business Tunnel Version 1.26.0001 Release.

The new version of the GSW UTS includes several new features. The GSW UTS and Mobile Clients have been updated to support Windows Embedded Compact 7 (which was formerly known as Windows Embedded CE 7.0). Windows Embedded Compact 7 is designed for small footprint devices and supports x86 and ARM architectures, equipping developers with tools to create nimble, enterprise solutions. The GSW UTS and Mobile Clients have also been updated to allow for the new keyword: COMMA in the [Macros] section of the client’s INI file.

Georgia SoftWorks also published a feature release for the GSW Business Tunnel, which is an SSH Tunnel connectivity tool that allows secure access to non-secure locations. The Business Tunnel provides businesses secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or unavailable due to policy configurations. The GSW Business Tunnel and SSH Server for Windows use the strong SSH v2 protocol, which is the security standard for secure server administration, data, and file transfer. Together, they provide an easy-to-implement security plan that offers true End-to-End security.

“Security is taken very seriously at Georgia SoftWorks. We understand the damage that a security breach can do to individuals and businesses. We make sure that our products offer the strongest authentication features available,” said Doug Hitchcock of Georgia SoftWorks.

Georgia SoftWorks is a software development company that has received global recognition for its development of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. GSW software is used in thousands of data collection environments around the world. They have end users and resellers on every continent except Antarctica. Their software is sold in demanding industrial applications including automobile manufactures, oil companies, airlines, grocery stores, the US Army, department stores, universities and more.


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